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From buying light bulbs to providing laboratory supplies, the past year’s support for the Lawrence Fund enjoyed the basketball equivalent of a triple double.

For the recently completed 2012-13 fiscal year, the Lawrence Fund enjoyed 100 percent participation from all 28 members of the Lawrence Board of Trustees, all 30 members of the Lawrence University Alumni Board of Directors and the entire 31-member alumni-development staff. Collectively, they contributed a total of $953,450 — more than 28 percent — to the fund’s overall total of $3,384,463.

“Strong board, alumni and institutional support is vital for Lawrence and this level of participation reflects the college’s exceptional leadership,” said Terry Franke, chair of the Board of Trustees and 1968 Lawrence graduate. “We’ve raised the bar and set a great starting point for 2013-14.”

The Lawrence Fund, the college’s annual giving program, helps bridge the gap between what students pay in tuition and actual operating costs. The Lawrence Fund and endowment earnings help reduce each student’s tuition by more than $10,000 per year.