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In a display of true bipartisanship, members of the Lawrence University College Democrats and College Republicans will co-host a “Rock the Results” event Tuesday, Nov. 6 on the second floor of the Warch Campus Center beginning at 8 p.m.

The entire campus community is invited to this “working together across the aisle” event to watch the election returns as they’re announced. In addition to a large map to track vote tallies, red/blue states and Electoral College tote boards, the evening will feature live music, food and prizes.

“Rock the Results is designed for the entire Lawrence community and is an example of great collaboration between the Lawrence University Community Council, the LU College Democrats and the LU College Republicans,” said Curt Lauderdale, assistant dean of students for campus life. “Everyone involved with organizing this event hopes that the Rock the Results party can be an opportunity to celebrate not only the act of voting, but also demonstrate what it means to be part of a respectful and engaged community.

“Everyone who is eligible to vote is encouraged to participate in this critical election by casting their ballot,” Lauderdale added. “And everyone is invited to come and rock the results.”