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First lady Michelle Obama will deliver a campaign address Friday, September 28 in Alexander Gymnasium on the Lawrence University campus.

“While Lawrence is very careful not to endorse candidates for political office, we do encourage our students to learn about the political process and to be involved in making informed decisions about candidates. As such, the first lady’s appearance is an excellent educational opportunity for Lawrence students to experience first-hand the political process in the homestretch of an important election cycle,” said David Burrows, provost and dean of the faculty. “One of the founding traditions of a liberal arts college is the education and creation of good citizens and good citizenship includes understanding the issues in any election. This should offer a great teaching moment for the entire Lawrence community.”

Mrs. Obama’s visit to Lawrence will be the second appearance by a major figure in the 2012 presidential election. Gov. Mitt Romney spoke at Lawrence on March 30.

“Despite an easy Wisconsin victory in 2008, Barack Obama’s campaign recognizes that the state is no shoo-in in 2012,” said Arnold Shober, associate professor of government at Lawrence. “Michelle Obama’s stop at Lawrence University shows how pivotal the Fox Valley is to win the state. Mitt Romney can count on suburban Milwaukee, and Barack Obama can rest assured in Madison, but neither candidate can take northeast Wisconsin for granted.”

Earlier this year to foster engagement in the national political arena, Lawrence launched an Internet tool —— to help voters intelligently search for their own individual “best candidate.” The interactive website allows voters to see which of the two major presidential candidate’s positions best match their own on a variety of important national issues.

Lawrence University does not endorse or sponsor either this event or Obama for America. Neither the university nor the LUCC is affiliated with Obama for America. The campaign is renting university facilities at its cost and the first lady is appearing at a campaign event for Obama for America.