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The talents of eight Lawrence University student filmmakers will be showcased Saturday, June 2 in the Lawrence Film Program Student Film Festival. The festival, which begins at 7 p.m. in the Warch Campus Center Cinema, is free and open to the public.

Highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of the Lawrence film studies program, the festival features collaborative projects between film studies and biology, English and government departments as well as the Conservatory of Music. The films were produced under the supervision of visiting artist-in-residence Catherine Tatge ’72.

The festival line-up includes:

  • “Laundromat” by Brooks Eaton. A comedy about the on-goings in a college laundromat. (2 minutes)
  • “Terrort” by Tom Coben. One man’s struggle with crippling paranoia helps him find what he had all along: friendship. (7 minutes)
  • “Mulligan” by Alex Kohnstamm. A young man tries to figure out his life one day at a time, but his mother has other plans for him. (10 minutes)
  • “Lemonade” by Camilla Grove. A young married couple’s daughter goes missing. They use lemonade as a way to both bring her back and repair their marriage. (7 minutes)
  • “Epigenetics” by Katie Simonsen. An informational video about how nurture shapes nature. (5 minutes)
  • “Left Out, Left Behind” by Marie Jeruc. A documentary about the disadvantages left-handed students face in academic settings. (5 minutes)
  • “Autism in Schools” by Kaylin Burton. A documentary about difficulties children with autism have in the classroom and misconceptions people have about these children and their needs. (5 minutes)

“FAWE: Girl Power in Sierra Leone” by Mariah Mateo. A documentary about FAWE, an extraordinary African organization working in Sierra Leone with young girls and women. (5 minut