Document Type

Honors Project

Publication Date

Spring 6-5-2014


This past year I have been honing my skills as an entomologist and as a photographer. My solo exhibition “Wonders of Wisconsin: A Study on Insect Macrophotography” not only presents my personal progress, but also represents an overarching theme of a liberal arts education: connectivity. Everything we see or learn on campus and throughout life is connected. This audience-engaging exhibition has provided a visual for the connections between the fields of science and studio art, the art movements of New Objectivity and Relational Aesthetics, and between human and insect life.

The final exhibition opening on May 1st at 5:30pm in the Science Hall Atrium includes two insect display cases, 20 11x14’’ aluminum prints with corresponding postcards, a poster with information regarding all species presented in the display cases, and assorted food items relating to insects and other arthropods (including hand-made chocolate-covered crickets). A blog has been set up for this project, where I have posted some images and talk about my experiences and future plans. At the opening, viewers can take the postcards and discuss how they personally view insects at the provided seating areas. This all provides a context for conversation that can encompass many environmental issues and human-nature interactions.

Level of Honors

magna cum laude


Art and Art History


Julie Lindemann and John Shimon