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Honors Project

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This body of work includes both black and white photographs and a film. In each work, I put my collaborators in an environment consisting of a simple black curtain, to neutralize the space, and a 2 foot by 2 foot glowing orb of light. I asked my subjects to interact with the glowing orb in any way they felt most comfortable. I adjusted my collaborators only to keep them from leaving the frame of my camera. The positions and movements these people produced are both intimate and authentic to themselves. As such, each experience with the orb, captured on film, is highly individualized. The elements of these photographs and short film are a metaphor for how one’s unique essence creates a unique human experience unfolding from within life force itself. The movement of each collaborator’s physical body reflects essence unique to each person; the glowing orb symbolizes life force; and the interplay of light with the body is symbolic of that subject’s human experience in that moment in time. The film is metaphorically the same as the still photographs, except that the interplay between the physical body essence and the orb of light are dynamically captured through a lyrical dance piece.

Level of Honors

cum laude


Art and Art History


Julie Lindemann and John Shimon