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Over my four years at Lawrence, I have built an artistic identity around my changing, transexual body. I felt and form my studio practice and transition into one single being, and I use the studio as my washboard. Whenever I am in a state of paralyzing dysphoria or liberating euphoria – when I am still or anxious, excited or fearful, disoriented or certain – I return to that spiral building called the Wriston to hone myself and my craft. The Art, Theory, and Practice of Transgender Life is the result of this personal and artistic fusion. This show consists of 13 pieces that I have carefully selected from my larger body of work, and it includes photographs, video, sculpture, and performance ephemera that I have made over the last 16 months. My goal with this show, and with my practice more broadly, is to show the beauty and validity of trans ontology.

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summa cum laude


Art and Art History


Rob Neilson

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