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My thesis explores the transformations within the British press that took place between the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century. Specifically, it will explain how New Journalism overtook the entire British press by the first part of the 1900’s. To demonstrate, my paper will examine two major British newspapers, The Times and the Daily Mail during the Boer War. It isolates one particular event, the Siege of Mafeking, to concentrate on the differences between the two newspapers in how they covered the event. The Boer War itself is a unique way to understand the changes that separated New Journalism for the older style, as it occurred (1899-1902) on the very cusp of the dominance of New Journalism in Britain. Additionally, the War was highly documented, as it captured the attention of the United Kingdom and its newspapers. The unique conditions of the Siege of Mafeking present an illustrative way to highlight the contrast between Old and New Journalism. In conclusion, my paper shows why the Boer War was a dramatic victory for New Journalism in Britain, and explains the War’s relevance in the history of British journalism.

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Paul Cohen