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The Collective Impact (CI) Model is a relatively new collaborative model commonly used in community-based health efforts. However, there is minimal data on the effectiveness of this model in community health organizations. With the conclusion of Weight of the Fox Valley (WOTFV), a local health effort adhering to the CI Model, in 2019; I set out to examine the application of the CI Model in a real-world setting and its effectiveness in WOTFV. Through archival research and qualitative interviews with former WOTFV members, I use WOTFV as a case study of the CI Model to interpret how the model promoted and hindered the initiative’s goals. My findings suggest that WOTFV faced substantial barriers in becoming a more sustainable organization and that the CI Model needed to discuss factors such as long-term financial goals, a comprehensive action plan and measurement tools, strong partnership, balance between leadership and collaboration, and more community involvement within their guidelines.

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Mark Jenike

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