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Increased levels of corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH) are associated with anxiety, as are decreased levels of serotonin (5-HT). Do 5-HT levels influence CRH production and anxiety? The ventral hippocampus is associated with anxiety behavior, contains cells expressing 5-HT receptors (including 5HT7R), and extends axons into CRH producing regions of the hypothalamus (Jalewa et al., 2014; Jiminez et al., 2018). Therefore, 5-HT responsive neurons may play a role in the anxiety response and CRH production. To analyze how 5-HT may influence anxiety, 5dpf Danio rerio were examined following application of a 5-HT7R agonist (AS-19) and antagonist (SB-258179). A distance assay was used to assess physical manifestations of anxiety response. It is hypothesized that separate application of 5-HT7R agonist and antagonist should result in a decrease and increase in the anxiety response, respectively. Furthermore, it is hypothesized CRH levels should increase or decrease in an inverse manner.

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Nancy Wall

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