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In the sphere of fine arts, dance is often measured against canonized European agents, but this project endeavors to gain greater awareness for this field beyond traditional valuation. Moreover, this project aims to crack the portrayal of the “dance world” to show dance as permeating our everyday space, and not something we can quantify as different or separate. In a capitalist society where bodies are constantly bombarded with aesthetic, political, and cultural values, dance can reflect or subvert those projections. How can we value dance in new ways that resist corporal commodification? Moreover, can the promotion of dance beyond an association with only spectacle and pleasure lead to more accessible ways to perform and enjoy dance? By including observers within the dance itself, how can we improve our working definitions of what it means to dance, to be a dancer, and to view dance? This project explores these questions through the practice of dance creation as research, and the approach to dance as inherently liminal- dance in the quotidian, dance as formation of identity through expression, and dance as accessible to all.

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magna cum laude


Conservatory of Music


Margaret Paek

Haeberlin- Honors Project Hand Dance.mp4 (376833 kB)
Hand Dance - Haeberlin