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Honors Project

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The rebab is one of the only traditional stringed instruments found on the island of Bali, Indonesia. Though it is ever-present in musical ensembles in Bali, the rebab has been consistently overlooked in scholarship of Balinese music by Western ethnomusicologists. Through participant observation, personal interviews, and library research, I explore the idea that the rebab deserves a place in the scholarship of Balinese music. In addition, I argue that the Balinese rebab not only persists in Balinese music culture as a vital object, but that it is also an active participant in shaping Balinese music culture. In this paper, I address differences between Balinese and Javanese rebab playing and construction, I look into the sonic importance of the rebab, I explore why it has been labeled a “dying instrument” and I discuss the symbolic and social nature of the rebab as a factor of Balinese individual musicianship, religion, and culture. With this research, I have found that the instrument is vital in many ways to traditional and modern music making in Bali despite lack of academic study.

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magna cum laude


Conservatory of Music


Sonja Downing

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Balinese Rebab Lecture, Mikaela Marget