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A modern traveler of Wisconsin most often experiences the landscape through the windows of a car: shut in, listening to the latest hits on the radio, traveling at 70 miles per hour through rolling corn fields in the central part of the state. In this state of mind one cannot learn in-depth what potential experience the landscape has to offer. Of course the experience of an asphalt path flying by underneath is a reality in itself but other possible ways to experience the landscape exist. Along all roads, a plethora of billboards distract the traveler from the space through which they are passing. Yet in the middle of Wisconsin, signs can be found advertising the landscape of the Wisconsin Dells as being "World Famous," hopefully directing the attention of drivers to the landscape around them. One sign displays the slogan "The World Famous Wisconsin Dells" written over a photograph created by H.H. Bennett of an exotic rock formation. While the modern Wisconsin Dells is still located on the Wisconsin River near geologically significant rock formations that were once photographed by H.H. Bennett, the Dells has transformed into an exotic twenty-first century tourist town. Through my work, I show how the format of the constructed landscape affects people's perceptions of and interactions with the natural landscape. Changes in the built landscape have caused people's relationship with the natural landscape to also change.

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summa cum laude


Art and Art History


Julie Lindemann and John Shimon

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