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With guiding principles established last year, the committee continued its review of university operations in the eight following areas; Water, Food, Buildings, Curriculum, Energy, Waste and Recycling, and Transportation. Within each of these areas the committee worked to identify and prioritize opportunities. What follows is a summary of our findings and future recommendations. We found, in the first year of GR, different elements and organizations of campus we moving towards sutainability, but that there was very little communication and coordination of these efforts. We worked to addressed that over the two years of the initiative. Now sustainability has a clear presence and identity on campus which enables us to be more efficient and effective in the future (e.g. less duplication of effort, reinvention of the wheel) In our efforts to coordinate sustainability efforts and to publicize them, we present all activities of which we are aware in each of the focus areas. In many instances Green Roots worked in collaboration with students, faculty, and existing campus groups like Facilities Services, ITS, Dining Services, Greenfire, LUCC Committee on Environmental Responsibility, Communications, and Admissions.

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