Eric Scerri: The Periodic Table

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This lecture on the periodic table of elements was recorded in January 2024. The lecture was designed for students and faculty in the First-Year Studies program. This program, a multidisciplinary introduction to liberal learning, has been a cornerstone of the Lawrence curriculum since 1945.

The lecturer, Allison Fleshman, is Associate Professor of Chemistry at Lawrence. Professor Fleshman joined the Lawrence faculty in 2013. She has a bachelor of science degree in physics and a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Oklahoma. She has also served as the director of an off-campus study program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Along with the students working in her research lab, Professor Fleshman investigates the transport properties of molecules in liquids. “The liquids I study are called ionic liquids,” she explains, “and they are showing great promise as materials for carbon sequestration, and could help revolutionize industrial processes that emit greenhouse gases. It is essential that we all act to combat global climate change, and this research lets me fight it both in the lab and in the classroom.”