Gilliam: Brazil

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This lecture on Terry Gilliam's Brazil, delivered at Lawrence University on February 17, 2006, was designed for students and faculty in the college's Freshman Studies program. Freshman Studies, a multidisciplinary introduction to the liberal arts, has been the cornerstone of the Lawrence curriculum for over fifty years. The lecturer, Timothy X. Troy is a director of plays, operas, and musicals throughout the Midwest. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in History of Ideas - modern, from Lawrence University. He earned the Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts/Directing from the University of Iowa, where he directed the original production of five new plays from the Iowa Playwrights Workshop. Troy refers to himself as "a theatrical omnivore." The opportunities, he says, to express himself in many different facets of theatre -- directing operas, musicals, and plays, as well as writing -- are what he finds personally exciting and professionally invigorating.


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