Freshman Studies lectures serve two purposes, in addition to providing a context for class discussions, lectures help to create a sense of intellectual community among the students and teachers at Lawrence. Students take Freshman Studies in their first two terms on campus. Each section of the course includes about fifteen students, allowing for close relationships between students and teachers. Because each section uses the same reading list, Freshman Studies also helps students to join in the life of a larger intellectual community, one that now includes generations of Lawrentians. There is a separate lecture for every work on the syllabus, and the lecturers are chosen for their expertise in the fields covered by particular works.


Submissions from 2020

Plato’s Republic: There and Back Again, Chloe Armstrong

From Appledore to Appleton: Unexpected Lessons from Seeley's Honeybee Democracy, Alyssa Hakes

More Than a Moment's Monument: Sonnets in Native Guard, Melissa Range