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Creation Date



Materials: Video Still

Dimensions: Variable

Project Advisor: John Shimon, Rob Neilson

Year of Graduation: 2023



Artist Statement

My video work serves as a collage between the reel and the real. As a spectator I harness my relationship with film history in order to critique how the feminine identity is constructed by the media. Using appropriated physical and digital resources I explore pop culture’s harsh perspectives via naive iconography to examine and complicate the role of expectations and the impact it has on identity.

The Multifaceted Woman is a digital rotoscope animation using found footage from Internet Archives. The three segments feature the same individual as she partakes in different activities: reading, romantic engagement and parenting. Jointly these scenes reveal how multifaceted a woman must be as she is fatigued by the expectations pressed upon her. These brief scenes serve as a reflection for the contemporary woman’s thoughts while exhausted from the pressures of raising children, coupled with the trap of idealized romance, all while reading a book in attempts to relax as little fires burn around her.


Copyright for this work is held by the artist.