Piece 3


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Creation Date



Medium: Oil Paint on Canvas

Dimension: 28 x 20 x 1 inches

Project Advisor; Tony G. Conrad

Year of Graduation: 2023



Artist Statement

This installation of figurative oil paintings is to pay tribute to the magnificence of women. Through the process of learning to paint I became obsessed with creating these idealized female figures shown in the smaller studies. The repetitive nature of this work was a therapeutic process to cope from societal pressure. To be such a specific kind of beautiful where we must be posed to be seen and not heard. Though these figures will be immortalized as idealized women, we do not have the luxury of such time to mold ourselves to fit the beauty standards of today. Not only are we more than a glimpse of objectified flesh, but we are not going to expire over time. The larger paintings address the mystification of the perfect woman who lacks identity because she is so far from reality. Such a glorification of self image only causes the desire to become some form of perfection. Women should be allowed to age and be celebrated instead of criticized for experiencing life and all it has to offer. We all have the choice to conform to such standards of beauty, but to do so is to ignore ourselves in our natural human existence thus forming the human condition.


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