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Materials: Ceramics, Ink and Cyanotype on Muslin, and Found Objects like Glass Marbles, Pony Beads, and Healing Dirt from El Santuario de Chimayo, Chimayo, New Mexico

Dimensions: Variable

Project Advisors: Benjamin Rinehart, Brittany Sievers, John A. Shimon

Year of Graduation: 2023





Artist Statement

Something Like Skipping Stones welcomes you to take part in familial meditation. You are sitting cross-legged at the edge of the Rio Brazos. This installation of contrasting materials—flowing, printed fabrics and stable ceramics points to the dualistic nature of things. You are not you anymore, but you are my younger sister, Chloe, or her twin brother, Zachary, or you are me. The linoleum-cut prints create reflective patterns while layers of monotypes conceal and reveal idiosyncratic images and text. Everything feels warm and vibrant when you’re here. We throw rocks into the rushing water and laugh. We send those river rocks, (which are also you), hurtling, mid-air for a few precious moments before your wonderful crash. This is our way of skipping stones, wild and unconcerned with being subtle. Like ripples off a launched rock, visual and physical repetition is inherent to my artistic process. I echo the constant yet evolving movements and speech of my autistic brother, Zachary. The stuffed and knotted objects resting within the ceramic rings are intended to be handled and fidgeted with as you view and move about the exhibition. Ingrained rules of personal behavior in the gallery space are disrupted if you embody my brother’s presence.

Skip a stone. Listen to it splash and smile.


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License.


Installation, Linoleum-cut Prints, Monotypes, Cyanotypes, Ceramics, Bead Embroidery