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Creation Date



Material: Pencil and Charcoal on Cotton Paper

Dimensions: 273 X 210 mm

Projects Advisor: Tony Gerald Conrad, John A. Shimon, Benjamin Rinehart

Year of Graduation: 2023


A girl trapped in the sink allows herself to drown, refusing to swim or stand at the bottom to breathe. Instead, she indulges in appreciating her reflection and imagines herself happily soaring through the air.

Her left hand, halfway submerged, remains above the waterline, acknowledging the presence of air.

Yet, she willingly embraces drowning in her fantasies rather than confronting the harsh and inescapable reality.



Artist Statement

This series of drawings and stories on the theme of ‘Disorientation and Pursuit’, based on philosophical concepts of existentialism and idealism, attempt to present an abstract combination of the reality of the external material world with the reality of the internal spiritual world through the symbolical situation and atmosphere that is visually implicit.

These four drawings and stories may appear unrelated, but they are interconnected. They represent my experiences, feelings, and reflections during my four years of university. From not knowing where to go, to realizing that my direction was not entirely my own decision, feeling helpless, and then accepting the reality I had to face, and understanding what I needed to do next. I display these drawings in the gallery as my senior capstone, as they were inspired by my reflections on these four distinct stages of my journey. I hope that others can resonate with and be inspired by my work and realize something they truly love and can do during this uncertain stage of university, where the further future is unknown.


Copyright for this work is held by the artist.

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