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Project Advisor: Tony Conrad

Year of Graduation: 2022





Artist Statement

In Passing works to visually and aurally articulate the seemingly inconsequential moments of daily life— witnessing strangers falling in love on the train, the sound of a dripping faucet during my first bath post-op, my mini fridge lulling me to sleep with its cricket-like hum— that are experienced in passing, and how these fragmented moments overlap in the creation and development of personal identity. Each element included in the paintings and soundscape references locations, sensations, and experiences specific to my memory, but its significance does not come from the space alone— rather, its meaning is found in the elements of self and projection as they are reflected back. Physical and conceptual spaces are abstracted and made fluid as they travel illogically through time and geographical location, and the collaged soundscape moves freely between canvases through various points of intersection. Partially informed by my research, writing, and personal experience of tattoos as a source of individual and communal healing, Queer identity performance, and spirituality, instances of pointillism recreate the slow and methodical process of handpoke tattoo. Both In Passing and its respective study were informed by my research and interview process, and an English language version of my resulting paper is available by request to those who are interested in learning more.


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