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Creation Date



Materials: Digital Painting

Dimensions: 3 x 2 feet

Project Advisor: Tony Conrad

Year of Graduation: 2022



Artist Statement

I create art that tells a story. Whether it be a still image or a simple portrait, my goal is to convey emotion, give my characters a personality, tell a story, and create landscapes where viewers want to go, or perhaps revisit. There is divine meaning within these works, and they are inspired by the dreamscapes and liminal spaces that I have encountered. These realms are spiritual at their core, and meant to evoke a sense of mystery, beauty, an exhilarating depiction of the afterlife, and an overall peace in knowing what is to become of our humanity.

This exhibition is inspired by dreams that I had during quarantine, at the peak of COVID-19. Beyond the chaos going on in the world, my dreams revealed something to look forward to and gave me a sense of tranquility and relief. The dreams featured are linked to one another, recurring, and have strengthened my connection with my faith. It took place in a gorgeous Victorian-era mansion, and I met a little girl –– also known as “the little angel”–– who toured me around. She is who I believe to be my little sister, who would have been about seven or eight years old now if she had survived.

These works are meant to be experienced in both the first and third-person perspectives, so as to be fully immersed in this dreamscape. It was an emotional and spiritual experience for me as I witnessed the sights I have depicted in my art. Later discovering that a lot of what I saw aligns with Scripture also contributed to that feeling. Although these works may appear more fantastical than real to some, this is my depiction of Heaven.


Copyright for this work is held by the artist.