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Creation Date



Materials: 5x7 inch Laser jet photographs

Dimensions: 8 x12 ft

Project Advisor: John Shimon

Year of Graduation: 2022



Artist Statement

May 15th 2021, my life changed for the better because my foster dog Nova officially became mine. She entered my life with a job of helping me with my anxiety, but has instead changed my entire outlook on life. While working in the shelter environment for the last two years, I have surrounded myself with animals and have seen the positive effects an animal can have on a person’s over all well being and mental health. Every year around seven million animals are homeless in the United States and around one million of those animals are euthanized due to time, space, breed or behavior. Also in the millions are Americans suffering from mental health disorders, statistics even showing that one in five adults in the United States suffer from a mental illness.

Through my art, I hope to shed light on the idea that mental well-being and animal homelessness could be interconnected. By barraging my audience with massive amounts photos of adorable pets in need and have encountered at the shelter, I hope to express the idea that each one of these photographs is an opportunity; an opportunity to save an animals life while saving your own, improving you overall happiness and health while giving a a homeless animal a second chance at happiness.


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