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Project Advisor: Benjamin D. Rinehart

Year of Graduation: 2021




Artist Book

Artist Statement

I address individual perceptions in the world and consciousness. My inspirations come from my reality, from deep experiences like a broken heart to simply documenting that I had a good day. I attempt to tackle this idea of individual perception by incorporating experiences from my daily life into imagery and quotations; I attempt to create content that is relatable so one can project their experiences onto the work. My experiences and artist books come together as a physical representation of my consciousness. Put plainly, these books are like a series of diaries; I like to refer to them as a “collection of consciousness”. Through learned culture, it is understood that a diary is a private documentation of one’s life, however by making them viewable to others, I am attempting to pivot that cultural norm. My inspiration for making “public” diaries stems from my interest in identity and empathy. Since these books are filled with experiences and they show no finite ending, they represent this idea of “always becoming”. Identity is always shifting and changing because life is fluid—there is no “final form” of who we are.


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