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Material: Wood, plexiglass, mirror, projector, animated film

Dimensions: 6.5 x 2.5 x 4 feet

Project Advisor: Benjamin D. Rinehart

Year of Graduation: 2021





Artist Statement

Psychosis is a functioning hologram that allows viewers to experience simple and complex visual hallucinations through projected animation. By adapting a 16th century theatrical illusion technique, I have pushed the conventional boundaries to engage the viewer in a new and immersive experience. Stepping up to the life size hologram and seeing hallucinations form three dimensionally, Psychosis invites the audience to be transported to the beautiful, intriguing, and intricate mind of a being experiencing a psychotic episode. By evoking three key senses of sight, sound and the illusion of touch, the viewers can immerse themselves in the altered reality in a reactionary and intimate way.

Science and technology play an important role in my artwork, which I show in Psychosis by combining my knowledge and skills from sculpture, digital animation, and physics. I aim to continue learning more digital and technical skills, to further my work. Lighting and space intrigue me, so using them in new and diverse ways in Psychosis only intensifies the creative, immersive experience of the hallucinations. I document all this research and the experiments in a sketchbook, capturing the whole innovative process so the audience can learn about the theme and journey through visual communication. I feel that the integral role and relationship between utilizing all these elements enables the piece to express unique emotions in a visible and captivating manner, whilst sparking curiosity in the viewer to further their understanding; allowing the audience to experience Psychosis with imagination and insight.


Copyright for this work is held by the artist. Video: A journey into hallucinations. Animation by: Mia Francis Sound by: Atoms and Particles, freesfx.co.uk

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

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