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Creation Date



Materials: Mixed Media

Dimensions: 29.25 x16 x 16 inches

Project Advisors: Rob Neilson, Karin Kopischke

Year of Graduation: 2021



Artist Statement

Much of my life has focused around storytelling, especially featuring stop-motion animation. My previous art was inspired by their many styles but lacked the narrative spark. It wasn’t until I entered the theatre department here at Lawrence that I was formally introduced to theatrical storytelling. They provided an understanding of character analysis, which has allowed me to expand my ability to convey a story in my artistic endeavors. This collection of work is based on the play, The Skriker by Caryl Churchill. As a small synopsis: Two young women, Lily and Josie, living in London, are being manipulated and terrorized by a shapeshifter/death portent called the Skriker. I have depicted three forms of the Skriker as sculptures and Lily and Josie are depicted through painting.

Currently, I’m working with a combination of traditional and digital media techniques in my mixed media figurative sculptures. Over the past two years, I have been reacquainting and refining my digital sculpting skills and have started to 3D print my work. My emphasis in Theatre, costuming (both costume construction and design) has been another great three-dimensional medium in my sculpture creations. The figure’s wardrobe providing you understanding of the characters.

Painting has been another medium with prominence in my artistic career. It has allowed me to go beyond some physical constraints set by three-dimensions to display a scene from the play. For this collection of work in particular the difference in two versus three dimensions itself provides a dichotomy between the protagonists of the paint, and the antagonist in the sculptural elements.

The combination of sculpting, painting, and costuming are being used to set the stage for a narrative diorama showing the trials and tribulations of the main heroines and their tormentor with its many forms, the Skriker.


Copyright for this work is held by the artist.

Process Book.pdf (2597 kB)
Isabel Kelly Process Booklet