Sickly Pink


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Creation Date



Materials: Watercolor and pencil

Dimensions: 8 x 6 inches

Project Advisor: Benjamin D. Rinehart and Tony Conrad

Year of Graduation: 2020



Artist Statement

Illustrating a Frame of Mind is a continued exploration with the female body and the forms morphing, disappearing, and interacting with nature, color, light; nature because my forms are always growing, changing, and dying; color because I need light; light is the most important part of these works. In almost every painting, gold detailing is accented. This detailing demands that these paintings sit in the light in order to be seen.

For me, the time to sit down, to grab a pair of brushes, to arrange my color palettes and to watercolor is a luxury. The time it takes to watercolor is to let my thoughts and mind unfold. The reason why I paint is to reflect within myself and isolate myself from the outside world for just a moment. I paint to paint away my emotional exhaustion. Visually, my work is small, square and is meant to draw the viewer in so that the viewer has to strain their eyes to notice the finer lines and the delicate penciled details. Through my work, I hope to instill in the viewer a sense of reflection, almost meditation.

In this continued project, I created my own bubble, an imagined space within a frame. They tell their own stories and wait for you to unravel them.


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