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Materials: Unprinted digital file

Project Advisor: John Shimon

Year of Graduation: 2020



Artist Statement

Growing up in Vietnam, I have always identified with and been inspired by the women in my family, including my mother and grandmothers. They encourage me to be dedicated, compassionate and zealous, which has helped me grow and construct a solidified belief system about myself.

In this series of photographs which I took in Vietnam in Winter 2019, I aim to interpret and illustrate the qualities of tenderness yet resistance, which I associate with portrait of the Vietnamese women. Red is the dominant color in my portfolio of works because red represents energy, power and courage. Vietnamese women are passionate and thriving, which is why the mother figure has always held a significant place in the history.

In terms of artistic growth, I have learnt to embrace my traits of femininity during my four years of college. Expressing my femininity has always been the drive to my art-making and helped me heal and be seen (within myself).


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