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Creation Date



Materials: Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 30 x 30 inches

Project Advisor: Tony Conrad

Year of Graduation: 2020



Artist Statement

My work is inspired by my passion for both biology and studio art. Many of my experiences with biology have taken place in the medical field; specifically, dermatopathology: the study of the cause and effects of disease. My experience of looking under a microscope at hundreds of diseased skin slides composed primarily of pink and purple organic layers dotted with thousands of aggregating and seemingly important circles inspires me due to its visual and conceptual components.

One conceptual component of pathology that amazes me is that from looking at a person’s outside, often a physician cannot be sure of their patient’s condition, but as soon as they take a small cut of tissue or skin and look at the slide under the microscope – the irrefutable truth is unavoidable. My work highlights this biological evidence and draws attention to it. The only way that one can be absolute that they have a specific disease is through this process of magnification. My work accurately captures this proof and purposefully omits unnecessary aspects, replacing them with darkness. This darkness is ultimately up to the interpretation of the viewer. I personally interpret it as the unknown; an intentional highlight, and an attempt to declutter the chaos present in the diseased human form while simultaneously perverting it via omission. The vibrant colors and use of divergent perspectives serve as a catalyst in the exploration of biological concepts visually. I find juxtapositions intriguing and incorporate them in my work through the use of color and perspective. I integrate various bright and complementary colors in my pieces and employ divergent perspectives in my work through synchronously creating dimension and flattening them in different areas of the same piece, confusing the viewer. In order to find the truth, omitting unnecessary aspects is an essential task – limiting chaos and illuminating the truth.


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