Mega Plaza


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Creation Date



Materials: Acrylic, wood, and found material

Dimensions: 45 x 47 x 83 inches

Project Advisor: Tony Conrad and Rob Neilson

Year of Graduation: 2020



Artist Statement

Through a combination of experiential recollection and subconscious acquisition, my work generates relationships between visual language and memory. I am thinking about architecture, human-object relationships, and found material. By referencing de facto color, structure, and functionality, the work acts as a conceptual summarization of my experiences in new places. These forms suggest dimensionality and purpose, but are ultimately colorful deconstructions of utilitarian objects and shapes.

Universal understanding of materiality forces us to diagnose objects with meaning at first sight. It is my goal to subvert this idea by leaving questions of “object responsibility” unanswered. The dissection and redefinition of traditional spaces and forms exposes my process, which I happily wish for you to inspect. Layering new elements on top of old ideas also allows previous iterations of intuition to be unveiled.

My approach to non-representation alludes to settings, buildings, and environments that I have been a part of – but were only built from partial memories of those places. Thus, I aim to express just how abstract memory and vision truly are.


Copyright for this work is held by the artist.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 License.