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Materials: Paintings: acrylic on wood panel, Sculptures: glazed stoneware

Dimensions: Paintings: 6 x 2 feet, Sculptures: approximately 5 x 5 x 8-12 inches

Project Advisor: Meghan Sullivan

Year of Graduation: 2020





Artist Statement

My paintings are influenced by folk art patterns and textiles, the vivid colors of reflected light, and biological structures, and my work overall has a narrative element, repetition, and dimension. There are no immediately recognizable forms in any of my paintings, although a lot of the curves and lines are inspired by biological structures and ripples of water. My ceramic sculptures work with the figure and include a narrative element. The goal of this collection of pieces was to further explore this narrative element, and the art I have created is a more formal extension of a graphic novel. This topic directly relates to my research topic for my German capstone: exploring the line between a comic and formal art.

The four figures are like the subject of a comic, exploring the emotions of curiosity, realization, restriction, and acceptance. The corresponding paintings reflect these emotions, and physically interact with the ceramic sculptures through the continuation and mimicry of their lines. Although not in a typical comic format, I think of the paintings as physically containing the narrative image and figures like the panel of a comic. Each progression develops the story and shows a temporal progression.


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