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Creation Date



Materials: Ceramic

Dimensions: 3 x 5 x 2 inches

Project Advisor: Meghan Sullivan

Year of Graduation: 2020



Artist Statement

My main material in earlier works was solely clay. As my art developed, I have moved to works that involve multiple mediums including found objects, printmaking, plastic, and clay.

I am currently interested in the relationship between nature and femininity. A common goal in my work is to influence the viewer to think critically about social ideologies, such as gender identity, or an experience other than their own. I would like the viewer to question certain constructs ingrained in our society. My work has a sexually provocative attitude pushing for feminist discourse. Woman’s issues, regarding feminine power, their rights, their roles, and their bodies along with perception of gender and sexuality are common topics in my work. Using raunch, absurdity and humor, I empower female genitalia and encourage the viewer to think critically about artistic and societal conceptions of the female body and aversion to female sexuality.

Art has become a way for me to relieve my restlessness. I enjoy working with my hands and creating three-dimensional work. For this reason, I work with clay often.


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