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Artist Statement

I found my artistic voice in the space between studio art and stage design. Back in the November, I had the opportunity to produce an original movement and sculpture show, entitled Response: A Sculptural Performance, that explored themes of mental health and creativity. Response was a cumulation of my studio art and theatre arts experience here at Lawrence, as the set was heavily influenced by moveable artist book structures and a major section of the show was dedicated to the idea of art. My work has always reflected the things that have been stuck in my mind: experiences, things I have learned, even something as simple as a song stuck in my head. In Response, took that concept further, portraying “internal spaces” such as the inner child or artist’s block as scenes of movement, light, sculpture, and sound.

Since then, my idea of “internal spaces” has expanded to include the idea of sci-fi/fantasy worlds, inspired in part by the feeling of “escaping” into a book, movie, or role-playing game. My Lightscapes series started as an artist books project but has since turned into more a more free-form concept that draws from both book arts and small-scale sculpture. Each Lightscape is meant to represent a different fantasy world, and each has a unique combination of materials. Social distancing makes it more difficult for my Lighscapes to have the interactive, movable element that I have experimented with in the past. However, I have made an effort in the documentation process to capture not only the overall effect of each piece, but close-ups and videos from inside the piece so that the camera (and by extent the viewer) becomes part of the space.


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