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Creation Date



Materials: Pine, Oil Paint

Dimensions: painted sculptures each 30 x 30 x 12 inches

Project Advisor: Rob Neilson

Year of Graduation: 2019





Artist Statement

My artistic process has always been deeply rooted in the physical environment that surrounds me. Growing up in northern Illinois, I spent a large amount of my time exploring and studying the flora and fauna of the area, some of the most significant of which are featured in these pieces. Detail 1 includes a ginkgo tree, lichen, fireflies, a cicada, and bleeding hearts. Detail 2, shows forget-me-nots and a representation of the landscape outside of my city of Rockford behind a self-portrait. Lastly, detail 3 features an oak tree with moss, shelf mushrooms, a brown creeper, and dogwood flowers.

As I prepare for an important transition in my life, graduating from Lawrence and establishing myself more permanently in a new area, I intend this piece to be a portrait of northern Illinois shown through the lens of my memory as a commemoration of the influence this environment has had both on my artistic practice and on my life.


Copyright for this work is held by the artist.