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Materials: found objects, electronic music composition, video

Dimension: variable

Adviser: John Shimon

Graduation year: 2019



Artist Statement

To me, dreams are windows to another world. Though each time I take a different path to get to them, though they can be sweet, scary or confusing, I know deeply that they are always there, huge and empty filled with secrets and surprises for me to explore and build. I have always encountered those dreams where I visit a place that I have never seen before, but somehow I feel like I am surrounded by clues of memories that reveal every piece of my past, strange and familiar at the same time. In Come and Sit: A Dream Scene, I use multiple mediums in one installation to create an experience where the audience gets to explore, touch, listen, smell and look for clues to interpret what the scene means. Everyone is welcome to come and sit: watch the screen while listening to a cassette player, flip through a booklet, read a poem, smell a jar… there is more than just looking. I want to push people’s minds away from the gallery by submerging them inside this scene.


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