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Project Advisor: Rob Neilson

Year of Graduation: 2018



Artist Statement

There are emerging possibilities in affordable additive manufacturing. There is a shift happening with this technology that is leading to free complexity, something never seen before. The fractal that creates the form in Redundancy is an initially confusing formula with very simple rules. This infinite complexity is controlled simply. This piece is a pure demonstration of combining one of the most complex surfaces possible with the technology that can achieve that complexity in the same time it can make a cube. This new world could cause widespread destitution, or universal liberation from the modern paradigm of work. The next several decades are going to be very different. There will be huge changes. We could see universal basic income and mass relief from labor, or there could be massive intensification of global inequality. We will see record-breaking natural disasters that will test our resilience. This monolith puts those changes into form. It is intimidating and interesting. You’ll want to approach it, touch it, and understand it, but it also threatens. This work is about anxiety. It's about misunderstanding. It's about unknowns.

Each step on this staircase represents a day that I tracked the flights of stairs that I climbed. The rise varies based on how many I took. The higher steps were days when I walked up lots of stairs and lower rise represents a sedentary day. This staircase is the combined product of 5 months of tracking. Fitness tracking is often an obsessive practice. Quantifying one’s accomplishments gives someone a feeling of control over their body. Users feel that technology can give them insights into how well they are taking care of their body and therefore meeting their goals. These goals are often initially physical but become mental and occupational and all encompassing. Whether or not one is striving for improvement and accomplishing it becomes a moral judgement. Self-actualization is the ultimate goal.


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