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Creation Date

Winter 1-2017


Materials: Ballpoint Pen

Dimensions: 14X27in

Project Advisor: Benjamin D. Rinehart

Year of Graduation: 2017



Artist Statement

Exquisite Corpse

Art and science share a paramouric existence in my work. Cold analysis and meticulous reason are transformed into something mysterious and beautiful when reimagined through artistic intent. It is my goal to express the intricacy and grotesque magnificence of the natural world, including human and animal bodies in life and rot, so that they can be seen as both art and biology. This desire, along with interest in lore and legend, and knowledge of the history of humbug, death and medicine fuel my pursuit of visual storytelling.

My particular fascination in Renaissance and Victorian-era flap anatomy paper “dolls” fuels my senior capstone collection. Created in equal measure as scientific teaching models and whimsical puppets, flap anatomies have long captured the public’s eye, and acted as effective teaching objects through play. Unfortunately, many female models are horrendously incorrect, reflecting a long medical history of regarding women’s bodies as lesser or demonized versions of their male counterparts. My responsive art is a conversation between the female body, medicine as a whole, and the scientifically-lay public.


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art, anatomy, biology