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Material : Wood, Ceramic, Rope

Dimensions : 17' x 10' 8" x 11' feet

Project Advisor : Rob Neilson

Year of Graduation : 2016



Artist Statement

Liminality (from the Latin word līmen, meaning "a threshold") is the concept of existing in a transitional phase where one’s past life is complete and one must undergo changes and ritual before stepping through a space of change. During this time one’s values and ideas will be questioned and one’s character changed.

The spider web is a visual metaphor for liminality: acting as a transparent but impermeable screen, the spider web is a beautifully complex feat of natural architecture that is a physical representation of liminal space. A time of undeniable uncertainty, but with limitless possibilities for the next step, liminality can be synonymous with creativity and potential for growth. When one occupies liminal space, one has an idea of what may be on the other side of the threshold but cannot reach it. A spider weaving a web is creating a space with room for expansion but also creating a transparent platform to dwell.

College is such a platform; we may have some understanding of the other side which none of us have yet attained. We know there are connections throughout the web that can provide growth, expansion, and character change. As I near the culmination of my college career, I feel as though I am stepping through a threshold to the next steps of life. Through fabrication of a web, I create the physical metaphor for liminal space from a collegiate perspective.


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