Senior Exhibition 2015 Gallery



Mona Lisa


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Creation Date



Materials: Inkjet Print

Dimensions: 44 X 60 inches

Project Advisors: John Shimon and Julie Lindemann

Year of Graduation: 2015



Artist Statement

I am inspired by women everywhere: Women in paintings, women in photographs, women in film, and women in fashion magazines. Sometimes I imagine myself as a fierce Venus elegantly rising above water, a hot Madonna with a bright halo around my head, or a shady beauty queen waving my right hand in the air. Born male in a society where people are so "obsessed" with how others dress and what they put on their faces, my imagination of looking and feeling powerfully beautiful could only be kept inside. Making this artwork comes from self-acceptance and the realization that I can no longer pretend to be a "manly" individual. I’ve finally decided to bring my imagination to life. I am a human being who loves pretty and beautiful things, and I choose to represent and celebrate myself for every reason.


Copyright for this work is held by the artist.