Senior Exhibition 2015 Gallery



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Creation Date



Materials: Inkjet print

Dimensions: 9 x 9 inches each

Project Advisors: John Shimon & Julie Lindemann

Year of Graduation: 2015



Artist Statement

Born and raised in the majestic lands of India, I hold a deep admiration for the vibrancy and bustling human energy embodied by my homeland and its people. India is truly a land of the unexpected, a nation of free unabashed expression, populated with inherently distinct individuals and an abundance of raw beauty.

Meanwhile in India is a collection of photographs aimed at capturing the quintessence of India as one wanders through its bylanes, or galis. These photographs have been shot in and around the capital city of New Delhi using a twin-lens reflex camera and color film.

As present day India rapidly metamorphoses into a global powerhouse, I find it crucial to preserve on film this ongoing shift in the cultural and social landscape of my country. Thus, over the past year, I returned to India to capture within photographs the spirit of an evolving nation celebrating equally, its rich cultural heritage and its modern transition.


Copyright for this work is held by the artist.