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Creation Date



Materials: Inkjet Print

Dimensions: 30 x 44 inches

Project Advisor: Rob Neilson

Year of Graduation: 2015



Artist Statement

Art is not limited to paint on a canvas or a sculpture in a museum. Art is expression which comes in many forms. I want to celebrate art in the form of a fashion magazine. Art is an experience and I want the viewer to have the experience of sitting down comfortably, enjoying a nice read, and relaxing while listening to music.

I have always been interested in fashion and am particularly intrigued by the glamorous lifestyle that European fashion assumes. In the fall of 2014, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Salamanca, Spain. While in Spain, I wanted to learn more about the fashion scene; I had many conversations about Spanish fashion and held photo shoots of my European friends with the end goal of creating this fashion magazine. I never told them what to wear or what to say for the purpose of authenticity. This magazine is more than a glimpse into the fashion world of Spain; it is a commemoration of the experiences that I had while living abroad. The faces in the magazine are the faces of the close friends I made, the articles include blurbs about specific places in Salamanca that I frequently visited, the music are songs regularly played in the cafes, bars, and clubs.

I want this to be an all-encompassing experience for you as much as it can be. Let the art be the experience of you embracing a facet of Spanish culture in this setting.

¡Relajaos y que lo disfrutéis! Relax and enjoy!


Copyright for this work is held by the artist.

La Salmantina Cover.pdf (9093 kB)
Cover of "La Salmantina"

La Salmantina Pages.pdf (46577 kB)
Inside pages of "La Salmantina"