Senior Exhibition 2015 Gallery



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Creation Date



Materials: Masonite and acrylic

Dimensions: 48 X 32 X 5.5 inches

Project Advisors: Sarah Gross and Rob Neilson

Year of Graduation: 2015



Artist Statement

Fascinate is an installation and gallery experience comprised of ceramic and painted interpretations of the human phallus. The layout and progression of works encourages the viewer first to become familiar with the event of an erection, eventually to open their mind to male-bodied sexuality (at the very least, sexuality not directed toward anyone or anything).

Images of the phallus are visually separated from the body of the individual. This grants the audience a social distance and relatively neutral atmosphere in which to form their own thoughts on the images presented. I wholeheartedly believe that there is nothing intrinsically aggressive about male genitalia, and I have constructed my works to communicate this personal view and to promote further thought on the stigma surrounding male sexuality and asexuality.

The breadth of views that I wish to project through my work is indeed ambitious. Yet, via the language of visual art, I trust that a number of invaluable discussions will find their beginnings over the course of the show.


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