Senior Exhibition 2014 Gallery



Kelsi Grace


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Creation Date



Materials: Watercolor and Pencil

Dimensions: 22" x 30"

Project Advisor: John Shimon and Julie Lindemann

Year of Graduation: 2014



Artist Statement

Home is your block. Home is the double-dutch you played as a girl. Home is the smell of the salt in the ocean. Home is the smell of fresh cracked-wheat bread that your dad made from scratch. Home is Tibet. Home is the mountains. Home is your mother’s name. Home is your name. Home is your queerness. Home is the city you come from. Home is your back porch. Home is where we have come from and where we are now. As an artist, I have only begun to explore how the identities, experiences, and places we come from shape our perspective and the way we fit within a community. Shared stories of home provide an open-line for intimacy between one another and can help create a more holistic understanding of those who seem most different from you.


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