Senior Exhibition 2014 Gallery



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Creation Date

Fall 2012


Materials: Pen, Moleskine Sketchbook

Dimensions: 16" x 10"

Project Advisor: Robert Neilson

Graduating Year: 2014

Artist Statement

The primary goal of my work is to show the obsessiveness and appreciation I feel towards drawing. The sketchbooks are small, intimate, and demand to be held, while the larger pieces are selected works from these collections replicated on a larger scale. The selected sketches were chosen to represent important aspects about myself and my inspirations that culminate to into an unorthodox self portrait of my artistic identity and drive. All my work emphasizes the ritualistic need to create.

The two major aspects of this piece, the larger drawings and the collected sketchbooks, juxtapose against each other to create a vast amount of work. The underlaying pattern creates an overarching connection to the disconnected panels. The drawings added on top create substance and a seemingly 3D experience to something flat. The scale and repetition creates movement in an inherently still medium.

By allowing the viewer interaction with the sketchbooks, to hold them and have a direct physical relationship with them as I have, I want to bring a stronger experience to the art. Galleries usually do not allow direct contact with art, but I want to show that drawing is versatile both as a medium, and as an interactive element. The chair and props to create a small environment to provide time for viewers to go through the sketchbooks in a comfortable way.

Only recently in the span of art history has drawing been recognized as a legitimate medium; before it was always just a means to an end with different mediums. I strive to disprove this misconception that drawing cannot be large and impressive, as well as intimate and a personal experience for the artist and viewer. I hope that visitors take the time to go through the sketchbooks to see the dedication art demanded of me for nearly the entire span of my college career.


Copyright for this work is held by the artist.


Drawing, sketchbooks, pen