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Project Advisor: Julie Lindemann and John Shimon

Year of Graduation: 2013



Artist Statement

As a female, being raised in a conservative country like Pakistan and suddenly thrust into the Western culture, I have often felt stuck between two identities: One world of a Pakistani, Muslim girl and another of a young scholar, studying in the United States. Alternating back and forth between two diverse environments is challenging, but also an exploration of personal expression and identity.

Many people leave their original identity behind in order to conform to societal norms. As a consequence, we lose the essence of a genuine identity, which often creates confounded and disheartened feelings. In contrast, other people like myself, remain resilient and celebrate traditions and culture regardless of where we are, in order to remain faithful to one true identity.

Humsafar (traveler) and Khoobsuraty (beauty) are two separate projects that explore similar themes. The photographs in the book and on the wall reflect multicultural lifestyles of people, like myself, who strive to remain in touch with their origins while adapting to Western culture. The images represent individuals that are considered “minorities” in the West, celebrating their culture and religion, regardless of where they live. The vibrant colors and beautiful people portrayed through the photographs signifies how individuals, like myself, carry their culture along with them, and cherish their true identity, whether they are situated in Pakistan or in the United States.


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