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Project Advisor: Benjamin D. Rinehart

Year of Graduation: 2013



Artist Statement

In this installation, I portray the crucial role of the maternal figures in my life through painting and video. The video projection in the center is a self-portrait, which simulates the “womb” of the four portraits. The maternal figure has been predominant in my life and it has inspired me to produce large-scale paintings celebrating femininity.

The female experience has been suppressed by patriarchy throughout history and it has been viewed as weak, vulnerable, and therefore undesirable. This piece is the hopeful representation of the end of patriarchy and the beginning of equal gender opportunities.

An important aspect of my work is that it is targeted towards women and men; therefore emphasizing that men can be “maternal” figures. However, due to language limitations and social constructs I am obliged to categorize my work using words such as “female” and “femininity.”


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