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Advisor: Benjamin D. Rinehart

Year of Graduation: 2013



Artist Statement

Art has been and will always be an escape from reality. While I know I must keep an attentive eye on the actual world around me, I find myself really purposely getting lost within my own imagination. I’ve come to love the process of stretching out the same idea over and over in as many different ways as I possibly can. I’ve found myself particularly interested in creating characters that go so much farther than just a lovely appearance. I’ve fallen in love with giving them detailed and intricate narratives.

In this current series of work I’ve put all of my focus on my oldest creation, The Ink Monster, also known as ‘Joey’. Not only do I simply enjoy drawing her, but I love having to scratch my brain to find new ways to draw her. I’m fascinated with all sorts of colors, especially colors that come from a harsh contusion or a sudden laceration to be quite pretty, especially with the very blatant contrast of the person’s skin tone. This need for injuries, for constant change within the character in both appearance and personality, are all connected to a constant re-occurring theme within my personal life. As I grow, so do my creations and it is from these experiences that inspire me to have the same happen to my personal creations.


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