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Creation Date



Materials: Aluminum Prints from Film Negatives

Dimensions: 16" x 20" each

Project Advisors: Julie Lindemann and John Shimon

Year of Graduation: 2013



Artist Statement

The film business is meant to entertain, and this motivation has led to extreme, sensationalized portrayals of the mentally ill. This exaggerated perspective, when viewed and adopted by the public, can lead to intolerant attitudes and create significant stigma. Mental illness has remained a common theme in many films, and imagery presented to moviegoers commonly implies that the mentally ill are unable to function in society and often dangerous. In reality, one in every four Americans may suffer from some type of mental illness, and many sufferers are hesitant to seek help due to the media-perpetuated stigma surrounding their condition. Individuals are forced to choose against improving their quality of life so that they are viewed by society as “normal”.

This body of work addresses the discrepancy between film portrayals of mental illness and real life situations. Through the juxtaposition of scenes featuring the appearance and behavior of a film stereotype with mundane scenes from everyday life, this body of work is meant to critique the exaggerated, fictitious nature of media portrayals of the mentally ill and provide an opportunity for reflection.


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.


photography, aluminum prints, mental illness