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Creation Date



Materials: Graphite and charcoal on paper

Dimensions: 72" x 36"

Projcet Advisor: Rob Neilson and Benjamin Rinehart

Year of Graduation: 2012



Artist Statement

Ever since I was young I remember doodling: I did it to pass the time or to get away. This body of work is the ultimate homage to my humble beginnings within this artistic discipline. Through the exploration of free hand drawing, I recreate the images and emotions I see in my mind’s eye.

The works relate to the notion of thought and memory through the transient nature of charcoal drawing. The use of gestural mark making creates a unique and sensitive rendition of the feminine form. The subject of the female nude has fascinated me since my initial awareness of gender and sex. I find beauty in the female figure; I find beauty in the darkness, harshness, strength, and realness that comes with the depiction of the human figure. Given the scale of the pieces, I am creating a certain atmosphere of tension for the viewer—so, I invite you to reflect on the visions I see in my imagination as well as the visions that come within your own daydreams.

The work is a question, one that asks if it is valid to continue to daydream on the cusp of the reality that is graduation.

This work was funded in part by a Mellon Senior Experience Grant.


Copyright for this work is held by the artist.


Charcoal drawing